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The U.S. share capital in the oil and gas industry is $3.82 trillion with over 2,185 companies. Since 2002, marginal wells added $295 billion to the total US production (2.9 barrels of crude oil and 18.8 million cubic feet of natural gas). In 2014, US consumed 19.11 million barrels of oil per day.


By June 2015, US produced 9.3 million barrels and imported 7.58 million barrels of crude oil daily. There are over 1.1 million active oil and gas wells in the United States with an estimated 771,000 marginal wells in production. Of these 771,000 wells, 410,000 are oil wells and 361,000 gas wells. Both make up about 20% of domestic production. In Texas alone there are 6,961 stripper wells, which makes it a worthwhile venture.


Our Vision

To be recognized as premier authority in brownfield rejuvenation.

Our Mission

Gulf Drill Energy (GDE) is a United States based company which has its focus on both onshore and offshore operated assets. GDE’s main activity is centered on exploitation of brownfields and stripper wells in the United States.


Our services range from site preparation, shallow hazard assessment to drilling and completions operations, as well as appraisal of distressed assets.


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