Team Members

Christian Obasi

Technical Director Petrophysics & Geosciences – GDE Christian is a chief technical contributor to the Petrophysicst domain with Gulf Drill Energy Technical Community. He is an expert geoscientist with over 8 years experience. Before founding Gulf Drill Energy, Christian held a very crucial petrophysicist … Read More

Peter N.

Technical Director Production & Completion Operations – GDE Recognized for his energetic initiative, business intelligence and result oriented attitude, Peter is a multi-skilled Petroleum Engineer with a true passion for Development and Rejuvenation of Oil and Gas Fields. His most recent lead Reservoir Engineering … Read More

Habib Mamman

Technical Director Geological Operations – GDE Habib is a technical director with Gulf Drill Energy with main focus on Geological operations. Habib is a seasoned development geologist with more than 12 years of experience. Before coming to Gulf Drill Energy, Habib was Senior development … Read More

Gadi Ogbogu

Technical Director Drilling Operations – GDE Gadi is very passionate about oil & gas especially drilling. At Gulf Drill Energy, Gadi is in charge of planning, directing, evaluating and executing drilling programs and well designs for stripper wells, re-drills and new drills. His role … Read More

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